the range

Bati Dark

Intense dried fruit aromas finishing with molasses and charred oak flavour

Bati Spiced

A subtle, well rounded rum that is lightly spiced with warm vanilla overtones

Bati White

Fresh citrus aroma with a soft vanilla oak taste

Bati Coffee

Fijian white rum with aromas of freshly ground coffee beans and a soft and smooth mocha finish

Bati Coconut

Fijian white rum with a decadent coconut flavour that is perfect for tropical cocktails

Bati White Chocolate

Fijian white rum with white chocolate and vanilla oak flavours that create a rich yet clean finish

Bati Banana

Fijian white rum with the depth of creamy, smooth banana that is perfect for tropical cocktails

Ratu Signature

Aromas of zesty orange, dark chocolate and coffee, with a velvet mouth feel of coconut and spiced oak followed by a lingering fresh citrus flavour

Ratu Spiced

Complex charred oak and citrus aroma with a rich vanilla and candied orange flavour, combined with the warmth of cinnamon and star anise

Ratu Dark

Savoury, smoked oak aromas give way to rich sweetness of caramel, vanilla and tea leaves with a mouth watering liquorice finish

Ratu White

Pale in colour, this 10 year old premium extra aged rum has been gently filtered to ensure it retains its fresh citrus aromas and creamy vanilla oak flavour, with a hint of orange peel lingering in the mouth.